David Heikkinen, born 1971, is a composer, sound designer and live music performer. He works mostly with a mix of electronic and acustic music and creates soundscapes for installations and live performances, often in collaborate with other artists and performers from different art fields. 

David has a background in jazz/blues/rock’n roll. He used to perform as a piano player on venues in Sweden and abroad and appears on recordings with various Swedish bands.  


2016  Level 1 EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm

1994-1998 Malmö Academy of Music

1992-1994 Geijerskolan (music folk high school)


Live performances

2022 ”Tales of the Owl woman” (Ida Lod, Andrej Zverev) – Skogssalong Studio Selva, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 ”David & Zarate” – Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 ”Tales of the Owl woman” (Ida Lod, Andrej Zverev) – FärgfabrikenFlat Octopus, Stockholm, Sweden

2022 ”Owl woman” (Ida Lod) – Sigtunastiftelsen, Sigtuna, Sweden

2022 ”Kalla den änglamarken” (Valeria Montti Colque) – Paviljong C (Konsthall C), Stockholm, Sweden

2020 ”Platsens horisonter”  (Valeria Montti Colque) – Konsthallen Blå stället, Gothenburg, Sweden

2020 ”Brustna Knoppar Ropar UT” (Valeria Montti Colque) – Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 ”Corazon De ORO, Alma de Cristal” (Valeria Montti Colque) – Iaspis Open Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

2020 ”Molnskogen” (Valeria Montti Colque) – SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

2019 ”Horisontens Fåglar” (Valeria Montti Colque), Norra Bantorget Konstpark, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 ”The Crusade” (Andrej Zverev) – PALS Performance festival, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 ”Gubernski” (group exhibition) – Internationell art festival, Kutaisi, Georgia

Sound installations

2017 Stockholm independent art fair – Supermarket. Stockholm, Sweden

2017 ”Satans Död” third part of trilogy Satans Demokrati – Stockholm, Sweden

2017 ”Longing for the Sky” (Tatiana Stadnichenko) – Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2017 ”Shifted ground” (Tatiana Stadnichenko), Voss Kunstlag, Voss, Norway

2016 ”One side after another” (Tatiana Stadnichenko), Stockholm, Sweden